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You might wonder about the name of this Blog, “Negix - Things not POSIX”. Let me shed some light on this.

Back in its time, Unix was a powerful operating system, which brought many signifcant advances to the field of operating systems. The one major shortcoming of Unix was that it didn’t take a bow and itself off the stage when it was time to do so (which, IMHO, was sometime during the 80ies). Instead, they invented POSIX, formed the FSF, came up with the sick joke that is the GPL, and eventually, twisted Linux into one of the top three worst things ever to happen to computer users. (The other two being, of course, the Microsoft monopoly and software patents.)

And while my anger at this whole screwed-up affair is usually just simmering on “medium” setting, sometimes I feel like I have to vent it or explode. Thus came the desire to set up a “relief-valve”, so to speak. And because I didn’t want to pollute the TLA namespace any further, I came up with “Negix”, a nice sum-up of my animosity towards the whole shebang that’s the new crusader religion among people who should be intelligent enough to know better.

I’ll follow up on this rant with specifics once I can put them into words that won’t get me into (too much) trouble. ;-)

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