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Turnaround is fair play

Don’t get any ideas, I haven’t forgotten the other system around just begging to be ridiculed: Windows. The problem here is, Windows quirks usually leave me speechless, which isn’t a desirable state for a blogger to be in.

Today I tarballed the working directory of PDCLib to do some editing while on the road. When I had a minute, I untarred the archive on a Windows machine, because I had some ideas regarding how to handle errno in a way that doesn’t stall the FPU when handling math.h code. (Yes, the C standard is stupid, too, in certain places. Even P.J. Plaugher admits as much.)

Problem is, all the references I use - the standard document, other PD sources - reside in a subdirectory I named “aux” (for “auxilliary”).

Can’t unpack that under Windows. It appears the file system reserved that name, for whatever reason, and flat-out chokes on anything named “aux”. It’s such an unusual name, too.


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