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Wait... whut?

I recently received a mail containing some bug reports and patch suggestions by Rink Springer, who is probably the number #1 guy for putting my PDCLib to the test of real-life applications.

One of them had me gawking speechlessly for some time.

Apparently, several GNU software packages check whether <stdio.h> was included by testing for the _STDIO_H preprocessor symbol.

Read that again. They really have the chuzpe to make assumptions about the exact naming of the symbol used as header include guard – instead of, oh, just include it and have the header include guard do its job?

In other words, my PDCLib <stdio.h> isn’t good enough for them because it uses _PDCLIB_STDIO_H instead.

I’m afraid I am not willing to put workarounds for bugs like this into my code. Wontfix, report to upstream…

I shudder in anticipation as Rink told me he has several other “problems” in this department. Gee, not only do I get reports of all the software that he’s got working on top of PDCLib, I also get new input for this blog here. 8-)

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