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Why People Hate Microsoft

...and Linux.

In a discussion on, the question “why do software developers hate Microsoft?” came up. I wrote my take on the subject, and user eddyb remarked:

Maybe it should be put somewhere on the front page or given a wiki page. That's a really good explanation Solar, thanks :)

Since the topic does not really belong in the OSDev Wiki, I placed it here (and will perhaps expand it when I get bored - which might take some time).

OSwhatever wrote:

I never understood the hatred towards Microsoft among many software developers.

That implies you weren't interested in computers during the 80'ies and 90'ies, either due to lack of interest or lack of age.

Once upon a time, there was a real choice of operating systems. MacOS, AmigaOS, RiscOS, AtariTOS - the competition fueled quantum leaps in OS design, look & feel, functionality, and interoperability.

Until the technologically worst contender used business smarts, market leverage, and bully-boy tactics to stifle all competition, enjoyed the stranglehold it got on everyone, and brought advancements to a virtual standstill for the next decade.

OpenSource showed a way how this monopoly could be broken - until that path was monopolized by the GPL/Linux community in their own, special way. Well, at least their pressure made Microsoft move again, but as far as choice is concerned…

Well, we're stuck with “pay-per-view” Windows (with the “pay-per-view PREMIUM” bastard MacOS), and “wontfix” / “works-as-designed” Linux.

And that won't change anytime soon, if at all: You play proprietary, Microsoft will crush you with patent sues as soon as you show up on the radar. You play OpenSource, Linux will assimilate you.

Choice? Sure.

Some of us, who remember using stuff like ​Directory Opus in the nineties, simply realize how retarded the desktop operating system market is today, making you chose between WinNT plus eye candy and business model, and a 1970'ies Unix revival party.

This does make people angry from time to time.

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